Now You Can Get News Without Leaving Webex is launching two new ways to get news inside your Webex app. Embedded App in Webex & Webex Integration. Webex Embedded App has created a newsfeed that is embedded into your Webex Meeting app (right where the chat area is). It is super easy to use. As the meeting owner, you can share a newsfeed of articles, tweets and videos based on the topic you’re discussing to ELEVATE the meeting right from the start. (Yep, everyone is over talking about the weather!).

As a participant, you can then take over the newsfeed and type in searches and see results only you will see. As the meeting, you can meet AND build knowledge at the same time.

How To Use It

Go to Webex App Hub and install the Embedded App. Here is the link

At the scheduled time, 5 of the latest articles and tweets based on your news filters and news sites (rss) will be posted to your selected space.

When you are in a meeting, click on Apps and launch the app. Only you can see the feed initially. Sign in and set the newsfeed by clicking on a saved search or type in a search in the field. Once you are happy with the feed you want everyone to see, click on Open Together.

At this point, all participants will see the newsfeed you just shared. From there, users can read the articles, tweets and videos. Then users can take over the app and use it in a way only they will see. They can type in searches and see results and even create their own free account to save filters. Webex Integration

Webex Spaces are a great way to communicate. Now, you can also use Spaces to get RSS news and news based on your saved searches sent to you on your schedule. Set the Wall Street Journal Headlines and New York Times Business Headlines for 6am and choose the Space and boom, will fetch that news and place it in your chosen Webex Space at the the time you want it.

How To Use It

Go to and create a free account. Save the RSS feeds you would like to use and save news searches you frequently use.

Go to Settings > Webex and click on “Add A Webex Alert”. You will be taken to a one time authorisation on Webex and then brought back to to choose the RSS feed and/or news alert and set the time and frequency. And you are done!

You can also get started right here!

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